feather flags

Fantastic Flags for Marketing

Marketing your brand when you need to travel from location to location can be tricky, especially if you are a new or smaller business. There are lots of ways you can try to market whilst away from the office. These custom feather flags help because they are easy to assemble anywhere you are, are lightweight and attract lots of attention. They feature a colourful display, along with a sturdy pole to attach and fly your feather flag from. These sorts of flags are perfect for companies who use trade displays and exhibitions to show off their wares, as well as those travelling to festivals.

Overseas Carnet and Other Exporting Delights


Starting up businesses at the moment can be considered one of the oddest and riskiest things to be doing.   The post brexit referendum is turning somewhat chaotic and depending on which side of the divide, there is to be either such a magnificent opportunity for every company to trade world wide with no hold ups, […]

Structuring a New Business in the UK


There are three principle ways you can set up your business. Initially, you can be a sole dealer, which implies your business is claimed and keep running by only you. And salary impose, which you pay through the self-appraisal framework, as a sole merchant you should pay two sorts of national protection. Class 2 commitments […]

Businessman – Title Hiding A Thousand Jobs


Going in to buesiness.  No one ever seems to say that is their dream career.  Business is one of those words that seems to have been around for ever but doesn’t really convey anything at all.   It means someone who runs a company, has a hand in how the investments work to keep it going.  […]

Paying for Good Business Advice Pays Off


When looking to employ staff, it can feel like you are entering a minefield.  Where do you start to look anyway and what sort of questions do you ask a prospective candidate.  Firstly you need to know absolutely why you are employing someone and what they will bring to your business.  Just thinking you need […]

Going Back To Basics To Grow Business Confidence


We’re certainly riding a very bumpy and uncertain business road – since the 2016 referendum on staying in or coming out of europe, there has been no clear cut difinitive routes forward for any of our businesses.  The government seems completely unable to  pull itself together in one direction to get themselves, let alone the […]

Locating Info On Local Services Quickly


When you need to know about such things as wills and probate, or lasting power of attorney and probate assistance, it can be a bit baffling.  The best way to find things quickly is to check out your local trade magazine that comes monthly.  Just abouve every area has one and firms pay to be […]

Local Traders’ Magazine Comes Up Trumps


When you look through the masses of small brochures that flood through the front door at home every week, it’s possible that you are so blind to the mass of information contained within.  Every page is full of services, small businesses that have grown up from nothing – maybe like yours, a small outlet from […]