Business Advice & Accountancy Remains Up Front Necessity

Once we get our hobby or past time into some sort of earning condition, we think about moving on up to starting a business.  Usually this comes about by a relative or friend realising that you’re more than just besotted with the hobby, but actually damned good at what ever it is.  They then tell someone else and soon you have folk enquiring whether they can have one etc.  So production creeps up and eventually you find there’s a need to move to a bigger room, have a garage for storage, more packaging needed etc.  These things happen slowly but what doesn’t go that slowly is the need to keep very accurate accounts.   Most small businesses fail through lack of knowledge and hiding heads in sand when VAT or Corporation tax matters arise!  Engaging business advice and accountancy services early on is critical otherwise all that work will be wasted when you are in court for non compliance.