Businessman – Title Hiding A Thousand Jobs

Going in to buesiness.  No one ever seems to say that is their dream career.  Business is one of those words that seems to have been around for ever but doesn’t really convey anything at all.   It means someone who runs a company, has a hand in how the investments work to keep it going.  The buyers, the sellers and those who keep the cogs going.   There are a handful of very high profile businessmen who have never shied away from publicity and for the most part, this has had a very positive effect on the businesses they control – be that an airline, F1 motor racing team, vacuum cleaners or just massive conglomerates.  It’s interesting to see them shining out from the front pagers when things ar going well, but on occasion they make a mistake, maybe overstretch themselves, or in this world of instant news, social media, they’re found out maybe lining their pockets rather too freely with the employees pension funds, that sort of thing.  Then their little world tends to come crashing down -spectacularly so at times.