Change Of Use Application Stunts Business Growth

Recently I joined a small local gym.  I used to belong years ago before a major leg trauma halted progress.  This year I decided to reacquaint my aging body with the workings of a modern circuit gym.  All was going well – I proved to myself that I have more stuffing than expected.  The young lady who welcomed me and did my induction – one of a pair of sisters who own the business, was bubbling with enthusiasm and seemed a good advert for their services.  Gradually though I noticed the lack of energy from both the managers – there was noticeable dirty appearance of the interior – dusty and grimy equipment and stairwell.  Having mentioned this lack of interest to a gym buddy, she pointed out the actual building owners had recently applied for change of use from gymnasium to private dwellings.  Nothing stunts business growth more than your building disappearing before your very eyes!