Ensuring Small Businesses Are Legal & Insured

When we think of small business, we generally think of a plumber or maybe a single electrician.   Those jolly useful trades where someone gets trained, works a few years in a bigger company perhaps and then branches out on their own.   There are all the costs of setting up that company – getting publicity, insurance is vital in any hands on style of work where you’re going to work on another person’s property or goods.  Then there is the need to get DRB checked by the police too – for anyone who plans to offer help, be it paid or volunteer, to pensioners or families with children and other vulnerable members of the community.  Also, getting a proper accouncy firm on board is essential.  Only so much can be done with the super whizz office admin apps on phones.  Getting the legal side of a business set up is moe important than just saving time – and money.