Going Back To Basics To Grow Business Confidence

We’re certainly riding a very bumpy and uncertain business road – since the 2016 referendum on staying in or coming out of europe, there has been no clear cut difinitive routes forward for any of our businesses.  The government seems completely unable to  pull itself together in one direction to get themselves, let alone the opposition parties onboard.  This has caused immense uncertaintity amongst all quarters of the business world, be it manufacturers relying on exporting or manufacturers who rely on importing.  We need to pull ourselves together and stand up to bullying from europe and say enough is enough, we’ll pay up our dues but then get on with things our way.   Farmers must be capable of learning to grow anything and everything we need as a nation.  All our cereals, food, beer, dairy – everything can be done here without quotas so we should embrace the change back and get on with it!