Local Traders’ Magazine Comes Up Trumps

When you look through the masses of small brochures that flood through the front door at home every week, it’s possible that you are so blind to the mass of information contained within.  Every page is full of services, small businesses that have grown up from nothing – maybe like yours, a small outlet from a back bedroom, making money on the side.  I have highlighted the need to keep very clear accounts and to have accountancy help to keep abreast of the bookkeeping – this is absolutely critical to the businessman or woman – at all times, whatever size the company.   On one page alone in my little ‘in your area’ book, there are ads for  virtual PA, bookkeeper, electrician, plumber and ballroom dancing classes.   At least 4 of those could be very useful to the businessman hobbyist.  Keeping and eye on the new folk who adverstise is always useful.  Getting in quick often proves beneficial!