Overseas Carnet and Other Exporting Delights

Starting up businesses at the moment can be considered one of the oddest and riskiest things to be doing.   The post brexit referendum is turning somewhat chaotic and depending on which side of the divide, there is to be either such a magnificent opportunity for every company to trade world wide with no hold ups, no barriers and no tarrif restrictions.   Or, there will be massive problems with customs barriers being put up and our goods – when we have anything to export, will not be allowed in to certain areas of europe without the recquisite documentation.  In the old days of commerce, all kinds of export paperwork had to be prepared for every items going abroad and especially for exhibiiton gear – they needed to be brought back too.  There are such divides between the carious camps it is difficult to know which way to think and proceed.  So long as someone trades, somewher, at some time, we should all be ok.