Peer To Peer Versus Bank Lending Ideas

Getting funding for starting up a business or expanding an existing one.  This can be an absolute minefield for most folk.  Having a good idea how to market something is one thing.  But for proper progress and business development to expand and make good, then moving away from the use of credit cards and setting up proper viable finances is absolutely critical.  Banks are making a big thing in their advertising of wanting to help British business.  This always sounds so reassuring.  We need banks for the services of finance but also long term customer relations can often help when decisions about expansion and ecruitment are concerned.  However, peer topeer lending is another route to go down.  There ae a couple of experts writing about this very subject in this weeks financial institution magazines.  There are risks but also some of the rewards and conditions can outweigh the fears.  Checking the small print is the overriding rule though.