Small Hobby & Craft Shops Need Networking

I couldn’t help noticing that our local out of town shopping extravaganza has got more stores opened.  One being a mega nationwide crafting and hobby outlet.  Now, having very keep knitters, needlewomen, quilters and painters in my family, this would usually bang a gong of unparalleled enthusiasm.  But as the company concerned seems to now feature as the only name anyone can think of when asked about hobbies, it really concerned me that the existing little wool and knitting shops, the one woman outfits who have struggled on with their regular clientelle will probably fold by the next summer.  This idea appalls me.  I know one store that opened 3 years ago.   Business was inevitably slow to start with but by steadfast networking, holding knit and natter groups, getting in on any publicity at the local nature reserve & home crafts centre, their name has starting featuring.  I have often seen their name on leaflets at craft shows.  It needs more!